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Publications & Talks

Stereo Publications

2019 Improved Stereo simulation with a new gamma ray spectrum of excited gadolinium isotopes using Fifrelin arXiv:1905.11967 [physics.ins-det]
2019 Production and Properties of the Liquid Scintillators used in the Stereo Reactor Neutrino Experiment C. Buck et al.
JINST 14 P01027
arXiv:1812.02998 [physics.ins-det]
2018 Sterile neutrino constraints from the Stereo experiment with 66 days of reactor-on data H. Almazán et al. (Stereo Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 161801
arXiv:1806.02096 [hep-ex]
2018 The Stereo Experiment N. Allemandou et al.
JINST 13 P07009
arXiv:1804.09052 [physics.ins-det]
2016 Trigger and readout electronics for the Stereo experiment O. Bourrion et al.
JINST 11 C02078
arXiv:1510.08238 [physics.ins-det]

Stereo Conference Talks

2019 Rencontres de Moriond – EW Session (Laura Bernard, LPSC) Slides Proceedings
2018 Neutrino (Jacob Lamblin, LPSC) Slides
2018 Rencontres de Moriond – EW Session (David Lhuillier, CEA) Slides

Additional Stereo publications, talks, and proceedings can be found at INSPIRE

Further Publications

2011 Reactor antineutrino anomaly G. Mention et al.
Phys. Rev. D 83, 073006
arXiv:1101.2755 [hep-ex]
2011 Improved predictions of reactor antineutrino spectra Th.A. Mueller et al.
Phys. Rev. C 83, 054615
arXiv:1101.2663 [hep-ex]