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Publications & Talks

Stereo Publications

2019 Improved Sterile Neutrino Constraints from the Stereo Experiment with 179 Days of Reactor-On Data H. Almazán et al. (Stereo Collaboration)
to be published
arXiv:1912.06582 [hep-ex]
Data files: HEPdata.92323
2019 Improved Stereo simulation with a new gamma ray spectrum of excited gadolinium isotopes using Fifrelin H. Almazán et al.
Eur. Phys. J. A 55, 183
arXiv:1905.11967 [physics.ins-det]
Data files: zenodo.2653786
2019 Production and Properties of the Liquid Scintillators used in the Stereo Reactor Neutrino Experiment C. Buck et al.
JINST 14, P01027
arXiv:1812.02998 [physics.ins-det]
2018 Sterile neutrino constraints from the Stereo experiment with 66 days of reactor-on data H. Almazán et al. (Stereo Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 161801
arXiv:1806.02096 [hep-ex]
2018 The Stereo Experiment N. Allemandou et al.
JINST 13, P07009
arXiv:1804.09052 [physics.ins-det]
2016 Trigger and readout electronics for the Stereo experiment O. Bourrion et al.
JINST 11, C02078
arXiv:1510.08238 [physics.ins-det]

Selected Stereo Conference Talks

2019 TAUP Adrien Blanchet, CEA Slides
2019 INPC Ilham El Atmani, CEA Slides
2019 Rencontres de Moriond – EW Session Laura Bernard, LPSC Slides Proceedings
2018 Neutrino Jacob Lamblin, LPSC Slides
2018 ESCAPE Pablo del Amo Sanchez, LAPP Slides
2018 PPNS Alain Letourneau, CEA Slides Proceedings
2018 Rencontres de Moriond – EW Session David Lhuillier, CEA Slides

Additional Stereo publications, talks, and proceedings can be found at INSPIRE

Further Publications

2011 Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly G. Mention et al.
Phys. Rev. D 83, 073006
arXiv:1101.2755 [hep-ex]
2011 Improved Predictions of Reactor Antineutrino Spectra Th.A. Mueller et al.
Phys. Rev. C 83, 054615
arXiv:1101.2663 [hep-ex]